Joshua Alexander Fleming

“The seat of the soul is where the inner world and outer world meet. Where they overlap, it is in every point of the overlap.”


[ As an artist I am working to capture, render and portray dual aspects of poetic intention… ] through visual imagery and the written word. My aim is of attempting at being aware, and possibly glimpsing these points of overlap that Novalis spoke of; where imagination shape-shifts and slips into form.

My bold hope for my artistic endeavors are that a relationship of intersubjectivity will in time be forged; an alchemized-transfiguration forming an expressive chain of gratitude to honor being; linking myself, the matter worked upon and any that may cast their attentive gaze upon these created works.

Robert Bringhurst states, “Poets make things. True enough. But they don’t make poetry, or they don’t make it from nothing. Poetry is present to begin with; it is there, and poets answer it if they can. The poem is a trace of the poet’s joining in knowing. Its one and only use in this world is to honor the gods, the dead, and other nonhumans and humans — to honor being, in other words — and maybe to honor nonbeing as well — by allowing others to join in that knowing.”

{Thank you for your attention.}